Sakura Solid Marker-Slime Tip
Sakura Solid Marker-Slime Tip
Sakura Solid Marker-Slime Tip

Sakura Solid Marker-Slime Tip

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The Infamous "Streaker".

The Origins of Sakura Streaks Born and grew  in Japan in 1921, Sakura has been credited with the invention of crayons mixed with pastels. Sakura aims  on-building and distributing semi-transparent watercolors and thick block inks. The year 1978, the invention and distribution of the “Solid Marker” that turned Sakura into a essential name among graffiti writers worldwide. The strength of Sakura's Solid Marker, aka streaker gang  aka Sakura Mean Crayon is above all because it has an ultra-slick appeal and your landmark or signature you apply dries to permanence within minutos. withal, because it is an oil based solid marker, the Streak can write on almost any obstacle, even when its raining outside.

 Known to most graffiti writers as "streaks", "streakers or "mean streaks". The Sakura Solid Marker is essentially a semi-hardened stick of oil-based paint packaged in a glue stick-type tube. Its  dimensions are about 5 inches in length and 13 millimeters in diameter. As you pull the top of the Marker the rounded point is ready to mark.

 The significance of  Sakura Solid Markers is that they come complete with a swirl bottom that allows you to push up more of the stick as the marker tip wears down with usage. Sakura Streaks write on just about everything, including surface materials: metal, concrete, wood, glass, rubber, paper, plastic, canvas and the whole menu but the formula of the stick is perfectly malleable and does not dry out. .
 The Sakura “Solid Marker” is available in 12 different colors: including eight solid colors, three fluorescent colors (shown below) and one glow-in-the-dark option. Pro Tip: you could split them in half and make (2) color streaks, even up to (6) different color combinations!

 Features of the Sakura Solid Marker

  • Handheld
  • Fast, easy application
  • Waterproof
  • UV Resistant 
  • Marks surfaces through water, rust and dust
  • Low odor and Non-toxic
  • Twist bottom


  • Requires no shaking/pumping to get paint flowing
  • Virtually no mess during usage
  • No clogging of tip/applicator
  • Marks at any angle
  • Fast dry time


  • Can be removed, or “buffed”, with industrial type cleaners/solvents depending on the surface.
  • Fluorescent colors fade quickly when exposed to UV light

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Sakura Solid Marker-Slime Tip